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There’s a chain reaction that starts when you bring your own bags to the store on a regular basis. You start to notice that there’s a whole lot of things in the store that are really over-packaged, from fruit on styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic to cookies and crackers that are packed in an inner tray, in an inner sleeve in a package. It becomes painfully obvious that if you are bringing your own bag to the store to reduce the amount of garbage you create, why buy things that are packaged and create waste?  Taking this to the extreme, why buy anything that comes in a bag or box which means, why shop anything but the outside aisles of the store?

So what can you do? Here’s what Blake decided to do this summer (Blake is the co-founder of Eco-Bags): Blake decided to garden not only the back yard but the front yard, turning his 80×20 land space into a suburban farm. There will be more blogs about that coming soon. And, then Blake decided to see how difficult it is to make crackers and pasta and bread. The answer is…not hard at all. The recipes can be easily found online and, surprisingly, it doesn’t even take that long to do. You simply have to decide to do it.  The end-result of all this home-growing and make-it-yourself? One bag of garbage after a few weeks of living and successfully recycling and composting. See if you can do it yourself (or are already doing this) and let us know how it’s going.