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written by Sharon, our CEO

I’m heading out to California for the annual B Corporation retreat. What’s that?

It’s a group of like minded business people that I want everyone to know about.

We have a platform that says, quite simply, we are social enterprises building business with triple bottom lines – people, planet and profit. We are not giving up profit. We are building sustainability into our DNA so that we are not making decisions to profit on the backs of other people or sacrifice to the planet. It’s a certification process that makes you a BCorp and there’s even more. What’s happening on the state level, is that B Corporations are “baking” into their corporate structure legal documents that support the triple bottom line approach so that investors buy into the businesses as such and cannot sue when profit isn’t the only motivation. Here’s what President Clinton just had to say about BCorps at the Clinton Global Initiative. Interesting, right?

The retreat brings together amazing business people…people from Patagonia, Mother Earth News, Better World Books, Uncommon Goods and socially responsible investors.

You can read all about this on the website. I’m writing so that everyone has a chance to know this is a strong and growing movement and it’s doors are open to all those interested.