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by Sharon Rowe, CEO of Eco-Bags

Ripple of Change

I’ve been invited to speak to a group of middle school kids in Armonk, NY for their “Make A Difference Day.”  This all started with a teacher who asked their students to find a socially responsible business and do a report. Malorie L. found Eco-Bags. We are close to Armonk. I remember getting the email from Malorie requesting a visit to our offices. Our offices are not open to the public and generally we only have business people up here and I almost said “no.” But something inside of me saw the opportunity to say “yes” to a young person investigating a green business. Everyone is busy and I’m as busy as everyone else. Deciding to take an hour out for a young inquisitive, engaged person is worth even more than an hour! And that’s where this journey started…I’ll call it a ripple.  Malorie came to our office (which is not glamorous at all) with her mom and two friends and we started to talk. She asked how we started, why we started, when we started and what it was like to run the business. We talked about the effect one business with a strong message can have. We talked about bag bans and zero waste communitites and how Malorie and friends could start something. They were so excited to meet me and see our business! Then we took a picture all-together and Malorie said she’d be back in touch. Short story – tomorrow I’m talking to Malorie’s middle school for their Make A Difference Day. Six hundred kids, grades 6-7-8 will hear about the Eco-Bags story, starting with a mission and building a business, watching the ripples grow to full out plastic bag bans and expanding to overall environmental awareness of the amount of waste we create. They’ll also hear about how they can re-invent their future by seeing beyond “what is” and building what “can be.” The message isn’t going to be about just Saving Our Planet ( I defer to George Carlin on that) but more about Re-inventing, Re-imagining and Re-building. I’ll let you know how it goes.