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ECOBAGS Spotted in National TV commercial

Cotton – The Fabric Of Our Lives commercial currently running

Imagine our excitement at seeing a product we introduced here in the USA in, 1989, appear in a National TV commercial. When Camilla Belle goes to the market she brings her COTTON, reusable ECOBAGS Classic String Market Bag. Camilla knows that bringing her own bag to the market makes sense because…it’s easy to carry, expands to hold whatever she buys, it’s fashionable and she’ll use it for years. And, when the bag gets old and weary it is ultimately recyclable as a textile.   We can also say that the ECOBAGS market bag becomes part of the “fabric” of her life, because she is choosing a “reusable” and saying “no” to single use plastics. If this commercial were done only a few years ago, I bet we would have seen a plastic bag in her hand. Bravo to the DDB Agency for being right on target with their messaging!

Have you seen ECOBAGS in other commercials, in print or on the radio? Let us know. Reusable bags are becoming part of the fabric of our lives!