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Pile of Stuff

just another pile of stuff

We didn’t start our business to sell more stuff. Have you seen Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff? If not watch it now and then come back to this blog post.

We all have so much stuff.  In some ways it seems unavoidable like the bouncy balls my dentist gives kids after a visit.  When my kids were younger we called those ” ten minute toys” because that’s about how long they lasted until they bounced over a fence, into a gutter and finally picked up as trash or found as litter.  A sad ending for something that generated a few laughs. I won’t even go into thinking about who made it and where and the conditions but…

Back to stuff. We started Eco-Bags as an anti-stuff company but we do make some stuff. We didn’t jump into the reusable bag market when consumers started clamoring for bags.  We pioneered the reusable bag concept 22+ years ago and waited patiently for everyone to wake up.  Seems contradictory to be anti-stuff, right? I once heard Yves Chouniard of Patagonia talk about this seeming conflict of interests years ago on PBS.  But what if we’re not just making stuff but instead we’re making tools….a reusable bag being a tool for replacing single-use bags?

As an anti-stuff company we want to provide quality, durable goods that are easy, convenient and fabulous to use and last a very long time, created in fair wage and labor environments, that stimulate the idea of using less stuff and creating zero-waste.  A tall order for a small bag company.  Well, that’s what we were and will continue to be about.  Tell us how you’re doing or what you’re doing to live with less “stuff.”