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Hurricane Sandy

Boats wander and crash at Shattemuc Boat Club

Hurricane Sandy slammed into our Hudson River town with force freeing boats from their tie down and crashing into one another. What was an orderly boat yard the day before, was a crash scene the day after. Did you see the boat on the metro north train tracks in the New York Times? That boat was from our boat club. Luckily we had pulled our kayaks out before the storm. We lost power as did millions of others. We were lucky, though, because we have a generator and could keep the sump pump going, the heat from a pellet stove on and refrigerators humming. Not so lucky and devastated are people in Staten Island, the Rockaways, Breezy Point…losing homes and belongings completely to water and fire and the zillions with homes that have been crash visited by trees and limbs. There are as many stories as you can imagine. One friend’s husband was cooking in the kitchen and just as he walked into another room, a giant oak crashed through the kitchen window sending glass in all directions.

Left in darkness after the storm, communities started to rebuild in all sorts of ways. We invited friends over for dinner and an informal piano concert by candle light by my husband. Other neighbors cooked. We didn’t need to clean up anything so we have been donating items needed in areas harder hit and helping people who help people. But now, the patina of the after-storm glow, is wearing on everyone without power. We are all so in need of it. What I keep thinking, though, is I may not have power in my house but so many have been affected worse that me….and I have the power to help them.

Tell us what you’re doing to help people affected by Sandy. We want to know and share that.