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Ok, so here’s the thing, we (the family that owns Eco-Bags) is a family of walkers and bikers and it definitely influences other choices and how we see things.  I walk to work almost every day. It’s an easy walk, about a mile+ and mostly downhill. I have to walk anyway because I have a dog, that needs to walk.  I rarely see anyone else walking except for kids walking to a school bus. I’m in the suburbs.

Blake usually walks about 6 miles every day…to metro north from home, from the train to school (he’s a teacher) and then her reverses it. BTW, it’s a lot of hills!

Julian, an artist,  lives in Brooklyn and bikes everywhere and hardly uses mass transportation. When everyone was out of power and held at bay at home, he was tooling around the city, and able to help out folks who needed assistance cleaning up their places with water damage.

When Hurricane Sandy was done, thousands of people took to the streets and started walking. Lots of bikes got pulled out basements and fixed up. Recycle a Bicycle got really busy….

What does walking and biking do? Obviously, it’s good exercise for your body but there are healthy mind benefits, too. It’s an unfettered commute where thoughts aren’t colliding with other things except maybe your own thoughts and, you get to see the weather change.