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It’s holiday time and we’re all about to get some “stuff.”  I have a question…When you get that special something, that carefully considered gift from someone you love and…

As you open it up, or tear off the packaging or rip into the packaging…

Does all that packaging that you are about to throw away make you feel any differently about the company who made the item you just opened? Do you wish, because you love the Brand that the packaging wasn’t so wasteful or was recyclable? Do you think the packaging is in line with the Brand or out of line? Does it match their values? Does it match yours? Or, do you take it as something you can’t control and even though you don’t want the packaging, you’re willing to accept it cause you want that thing?

I’m just asking because it’s a thought process I go through all the time. For ECOBAGS Brand we use the least amount of packaging possible. What does that mean? We only use a single plastic bag to package 10 items in a group, coming in from our manufacturing plant, never a single item. We’ve gotten some feedback (ok, not great) about even the single plastic bag and we’re not happy about it either however, we haven’t yet found a substitute. We do reuse a lot of the bags and recycle all of them but we all know the % of actually recycled plastic bags is very, very low.

But when I see single items so securely and wastefully packaged, it makes me want to scream. When I see it on brands I love and respect, it makes me want to go over the deep end even though I know they’re probably grappling with the same shipping and packing options as we are.

Here’s one last thought. If you’re really offended by the packaging, speak up. Write to the company, let them know you love em but they gotta work on their packaging. We’re working on ours….They need to work on theirs. We’re all in this together.