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A Bag made from Tapioca - 100% compostable

A Bag made from Tapioca – 100% compostable

Bags made from Tapioca starch? We’re not kidding. When we found out about this low impact, bio-based starch that can be used to produce bags, we added them to our store immediately. These bags are really sturdy, made from a low impact renewable resource, reusable for hundreds of grocery trips, biodegradable, really good looking and, most importantly, 100% compostable under the right conditions (high temp muni composting).

Ecoplas, the bio-starch from Tapioca root, breaks down to micron level particles in water or soil. It is possible for it to compost in one year or less but how long it takes to compost is dependent on the microbial activity in the soil and may require municipal composting vs. backyard composting. However, compare that to the current single – use plastic bags that may take more than 1000 years to degrade and aren’t even accepted at municipal composting facilities.

Here’s the story of Tapioca Root:

  • The root grows, in abundance, as a weed throughout Asia.
  • It is a renewable resource. 
  • As a non genetically modified organism (Non-GMO) crop tapioca is grown organically using native farming methods that support a better way of life for all.
  • Due to the rapid growth of Tapioca, farmers are able to harvest up to three times per year with minimal environmental impact.
  • And, because tapioca, itself,  is a food source for common microorganisms found in oceans, lakes and soil, once in contact with microbial activity, tapioca based products in any form (food or bags) are consumed until they are gone which means – they are 100% compostable.

If you decide to purchase some of these Tapioca bags for yourself, get ready for conversations on sustainability and low impact product life cycles.

Note: If you want these bags for your Farmer’s Market or store, call us. We have them wholesale, too. We want to get this product out in the marketplace!