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While sitting in the Eco-Bags office on a rainy afternoon I stumbled upon a blog dedicated to a woman’s journey living a plastic free life. I was quickly intrigued by her writing and while moseying through her blog found that she had challenged six families to live plastic free for one year, filmed it, and is currently in the process of editing a documentary.

What most inspired me about this woman is that her purpose is not merely to raise awareness to the general public about the issue, her purpose is to educate people on how they can live plastic free. Because, let’s be serious, we all already know that there is an issue, but the general public may not be aware of the possible remedies. It is also easier to change your lifestyle once you have seen someone else do it, it all of a sudden becomes something practical and tangible, not absurdly eccentric. Getting started on living a plastic free life is as easy as buying reusable shopping bags and leaving them in your car – ready for your next purchase!

Please take a moment to watch the trailer for her documentary – From the Waste up: Life Without Plastic – and if you are able to give to her efforts, please do!

Written by: Mollie McTavey Nalven, ECOBAGS® Brand Advocate