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So, I’m on a bit of an all-natural beauty products roll here. Why? because all-natural beauty products rock! Not only are these products better for our environment; but, they are also better for our bodies. Beauty products laden with chemicals may be giving you results now, but they are aging you in the long run. In an interview with Organic Spa Magazine, Tata Harper explains: “Chemical ingredients can treat aging skin in a coercive rather than cooperative way, damaging the skin’s long-term longevity by weakening the support structure.”

When buying skincare products you should be on the lookout for anything containing FD&C and D&C – these are synthetic dies that are human respiratory toxins, skin irritants, allergens, and also potentially carcinogenic. Using products containing these harmful chemicals seems counter intuitive to your skincare regimen. Here is a list of a few products that I recommend trying:

And if you don’t want to drop the extra cash, try some in home remedies! A plethora of DIY natural beauty products can be found on pinterest!

Written by: Mollie McTavey Nalven, ECOBAGS® Brand Advocate