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Lauren von Bernuth of Block Island Organics holding her custom print tote by ECOBAGS®!

So lately I have been taking a better look at what I am not just putting into my body – but also what I have been putting onto my body – because our make-up and beauty products don’t just go skin deep, they actually infiltrate our pores and end up inside our bodies and bloodstream. What is the point in taking such care to not eat chemically modified food – when I am putting chemicals into my body from my beauty regimen?

And it’s not just foundation, mascara, and eyeliner that you should be worrying about being full of chemicals – there is also a ton of chemicals in your everyday lotion and your sunscreen as well! That is why we here at Eco-Bags love Lauren von Bernuth of Block Island Organics. She makes non toxic, organic sunscreen that really works. Lauren decided she wanted to recommend sunscreens to her day spa customers. She looked and looked and couldn’t find any that really worked and were certified organic, non toxic. So, Lauren started a company to make the sunscreen. We love people who take positive environmental action into their own hands – especially the women who do so! We are so proud that she partnered with ECOBAGS® for her custom print tote bags!

Want a chance to win the PERFECT beach bag? You can enter to win a beautiful new sami Floral boho sling tote complete with a bottle of sunscreen from Block Island Organics and delicious reads including, The Power Trip by Jackie Collins and Why Can’t I Be You by Allie Larkin.

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-Written by: Mollie McTavey Nalven, ECOBAGS® Brand Advocate