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-Written by: Toro AdeyemiECOBAGS® Brand Advocate

I believe it is very important for anyone, especially college graduates, to choose to work for organizations where their personal and company values align.  Where you work is a reflection of you, whether or not that is your intention.  I want to do work that helps people, that helps the community, and that has a positive impact on the world—and I find that desire met here.

It’s been a little over six months since I’ve been at Eco-Bags and having come back, it’s a place that feels like home.

I left Eco-Bags in early February of this year to begin a four month training program at a leading global public relations agency in Manhattan where I learned a great deal about media relations, written communication and client and project management. With new tools in hand and my startup, Toro Communications, a continual work in progress since I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012, I sought out new business through referrals and peer collaboration.

My work has taken me from web development to campaign marketing to serving as Assistant Director on an independent short film (and more!).  I have learned and am continuing to learn a lot about my capabilities and my self, and I have the kind of “can do it all” personality that has me wanting to work simultaneously on multiple projects, all while getting as much experience as I can.

This brings me back to Eco-Bags – the company where I had my first internship back in 2006 and that, quite literally, is very close to home.


As an entrepreneur, I have an affinity for small businesses – I like the feeling that my input is directly and tangibly contributing to the growth of an organization, and I like that I am not just one of 10,000 other employees whose names I couldn’t possibly all remember.  I like coming in to an open office and being able to communicate with the other employees in their various departments.  I especially like and am proud to work for a company that is founded around green and sustainable practices.

What do you appreciate about your workplace?