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-Written by: Toro Adeyemi, ECOBAGS® Brand Advocate

A concerned and passionate individual, astonished by the lack of plastic-free produce and shopping bag alternatives at a local produce market in California, recently contacted us at Eco-Bags Products.  *Dawn commented that, “the stands are open-air so the bags just fly everywhere,” and so she asked the retailer if they have ever considered going plastic free.

I had to literally pick my jaw off the ground. They said their clientele would never go for it!  What kind of person goes to the trouble of driving out to a country fruit/veg stand to get really fresh local food and not care enough to bring a bag?!  I have been really floored by what I just saw.

“I think people are so used to seeing food wrapped in plastic that when they see it outside of plastic, they automatically wrap it themselves.”  Dawn continued.

This message, with a subject reading, “contact my local retailer, please” was totally unprompted and a surprising and great read.  Dawn is not the only mindlful person:

  • who witnesses such waste and gets fired up about it, or
  • who asks her retailer about options

She also is not the only mindful person who takes steps towards shopping sustainably by bringing a reusable bag with her. What Dawn also did, which is much more rare, is to reach out to us at Eco-Bags Products and ask us to step in.  

Dawn confirmed a really big idea here: She, perhaps unknowingly at the time, is an Ambassador for zero waste and a greener tomorrow!  Are you an Ambassador for Change?

How can you make an impact when you shop? Do you have a grocery store or market we should contact? Let us know at info@ecobags.com.

Check back for Part 2 of this story… next week!

*Name has been changed to preserve anonymity.