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Last week’s post shared the story of Dawn, a local shopper who reached out to us about contacting her local retailer regarding plastic bag alternatives.  We praise her for taking action and DOING SOMETHING! instead of simply commenting to herself and going about her day.

“I’ve recently been reawakened to the damages of plastic on the environment, animals, and the harsh truth that plastic just never goes away.  Six weeks ago, I just walked through the aisles of plastic wrapped food products like any other normal shopper.  But now, I hate to shop because I get so emotionally charged.  Reusable shopping bags are a no-brainer.  Everyone should be using them and I think they know it.  It is also something I can wrap my brain around as a personal project.  I am surprised to not see bags for sale at every checkout counter (especially canvas bags) and I feel like I want to put them there.

What would it take to inspire YOU to act? Know somewhere that could use an ECOBAGS® intervention? Let us know at info@ecobags.com.

And stay tuned, there’s more to the story… Part 3 coming up!