-Written by: Toro Adeyemi, ECOBAGS® Brand Advocate

I received an email last week from a friend who works part time at a fast food restaurant.  She asked me to send her some information on green packaging, feeling there was excessive use at her store location.  I sent her some options and she replied:

 “I really liked that list. I just had a conversation with [the owner] about using less plastic and trying to make the move into more earth-friendly packaging. Needless to say it didn’t go over well.”

! What was the problem? I gave some good options — shouldn’t it everyone want to use green materials? She continued:

He called me a ‘hippie-whale-ocean saver,’ and that ‘we’re all doomed anyway what’s one plastic bag.’ It’s very frustrating to know that this is how people specifically in this [fast food] area think! They really love their plastic. Even when I toyed with the idea of having a box container with a handle that would cut the whole reason of needing a bag out they were still stuck on what they knew. Plastic. People are so stubborn and set in their ways it’s unbelievable!”

Making the switch to green alternatives isn’t just an issue of principle though — it’s also an issue of price:

“Bottom line it’s all about the money to him. It’s going to be very hard to beat what he’s paying per polystyrene container.  If it doesn’t cost less or the same as what he is paying now he doesn’t care or want to hear about it.  Regardless I am determined to make him change his mind and find a better more sustainable way to package the food. I have to look into it more and do more research but we’ll see how this goes. Wish me luck.”

And I do! Best of luck, my friend.

Is there a place you shop where you want to make a change?  Let me know your story at toro@ecobags.com!