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-Written by: Toro Adeyemi, ECOBAGS® Brand Advocate

I have to remember when I visit my friends that they don’t work for a reusable bag company, and therefore they may not be as perpetually conscious about plastic bags as I am!

Too Much!

Plastic bags I just had to take a picture of in the kitchen at a friend’s apartment — they just pile up!

The issue is serious, though I find it funny how often I catch myself cringing when walking down the streets of New York City, seeing them everywhere.  They’re in the streets, they’re in the trees, they’re being used by the people…  

Now, I’m not going to reprimand any passerby’s and wave my canvas tote in any faces… the most I’ll do with strangers is speak just a smidge louder at a check out when saying, “No, I don’t use plastic bags, I brought my own.”

When out with my friends, it’s much more certain that my voice is being heard.  “We just picked up a 6-pack… do we really need a plastic bag to take this to the car?” Whatever the item may be, the response is usually, “Oh, I didn’t even think about that..” or “Fine, whatever [insert eye roll due to constant reminding on the topic].”

Makes me wish that cashiers would encourage customers to bring their own bag when shopping! Wouldn’t that be ideal…

I carry my ECOBAGS® totes everywhere. My favorite is one made from recycled cotton that I used as gifts for this independent film I worked on last summer. It’s a lighter material that fits well into other bags if need be.

I see a lot of canvas bags out there too, don’t get me wrong, but I’m looking forward to the day when reusable bags are the go-to choice over plastic!

Let’s set the example and BYOBag!