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Dina Lerman, Bugged Out, has been a vendor since Aliana Marino introduced Bugged Out to Eco-Bags Products back in 2009. Bugged Out is a special type of business — Dina has a personal story with MS (multiple sclerosis), having started the company in 2007 with her bug line, which had its origin in MS Walk team T-shirts.

Bugged  Out April 2014

We’ve been successfully selling Bugged Out to both retail and wholesale audiences for years.

For the first time, Bugged Out will be printing their designs on the ECOBAGS CANR-501B (100% Recycled Cotton Reusable Shopping Bag). The ability to publically associate the Bugged Out brand with the ECOBAGS brand is a win-win for all. Most of all, it is an honor to be associated with the work that Dina is doing on behalf of MS (A percentage of the proceeds from Bugged Out sales goes directly to Multiple Sclerosis research at the MS Care Center of NYU Langone Medical Center).