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Oops, forgot my ECOBAGS®

Oops, forgot my ECOBAGS®

I want to thank Victoria for this blog post. Last night she said she thinks of ECOBAGS® (and me) every time she goes shopping for her family of four and is confronted by shelves of over-packaged but undeniably easy to purchase foods. What’s a mom to do?

I had to admit that I, too, succumbed to “easy” when my kids were younger but now I find it almost impossible to do so.  I can’t help imagine all the plastic bags, packaging and water bottles that keep washing up along the rivers and at the beach. So, the question becomes – what am I willing to give up in order to go with “easy.”

What I want is clean, clear and beautiful outdoor public spaces.  I want this more than I want or need  any packaged product. It took a long time  to get to this and I admit it’s not always “easy”, to be stringent in my choices because #Itsnoteasy when even the healthiest -organic and local choices are being sold in packaging.

What thoughts go through your head when you have to make a choice?

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