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bringing my own lunch

bringing my own lunch

Part of my BYO practice is bringing my own lunch. What I know is that when I don’t make my own lunch I wind up going to the local deli where I am confronted by a wide array of foods I don’t really want (in single use packaging which I really don’t want). When I #BYO_lunch  instead of spending $5.00-$10.00 on food I don’t want, I spend 5-10 minutes in my kitchen making something I look forward to.

This lunch happens to be a white bean and arugula salad with some garden fresh asparagus, goat cheese and finished with #MVSeaSalts. OK, so I know some of you will say you don’t have time for this. Here’s my secret – Over the weekend, I make sure I have the food I want for my lunches during the week and I allow for “left overs” from dinner for a day or two. I make the beans, buy or grow the salad and purchase the cheese. It take a little bit of planning but I get great food, save roughly $25-50 bucks a week and create zero waste.

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