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Husky 2014
How to Focus on Gratitude

During the holiday rush we find it helpful to stop and appreciate the abundance we are surrounded with. While it’s easy to get swept up into shopping frenzies, faced paced social calendars, and events taking a step back and truly connecting with what we love makes each day richer and more fulfilling. The more we fill our time with thoughts of what we love the less we need to fill our space with objects we may not need.

How do we focus on gratitude?

1. Make a list

Creating a gratitude list every morning is a great practice for cultivating appreciation. The more we appreciate the more we see to appreciate. Many people start with ten items.  Some find it hard to fill this list the first time. Some can’t stop writing.  Ten can be a manageable number and keep the task brief and doable daily.

2. Check it twice.

Reviewing lists over time will help spot trends.  Certain types of people, situations, events, and other things bring us joy.  Reviewing our lists over time can bring out a theme of what makes us happy.  The more we know about what works for us the easier it is to spot it and bring that type of happiness into our lives.

3. Consider what it is about particular people that we love or find nice.

After reviewing lists over time try to break down the happiness into qualities. As people, situations and fortunes change qualities stay the same. Seeking certain qualities in new situations can generate long lasting a durable happiness.

We’re grateful for our customers’ commitment and shared vision of cleaning up the planet one bag at a time. Yes, because it brings business, and also because we are in the business we truly love fulfilling a cause we believe in. We also get the joy of connecting with so many true thought leaders and movers and shakers. This makes every day a joy and adventure.

Thanks you for being a part of ECOBAGS® community.