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(we tried to make it 5 things but there’s more to consider…)

Custom printed bags are a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty. Done well, a custom printed bag, will become someone’s favorite accessory traveling wherever they go, sparking conversations and creating impressions for years.

  1. Not all bags are alike. Just like t-shirts, tote bags come a variety of sizes,shapes, fabric types, weights and quality. You put a lot of time into creating your event so producing a  bag that your customers “love” and want to use is the best way to go.
  2. Work with someone (yes, a real person) to pick the right bag for your artwork. The bag you choose will be the “canvas” for your marketing effort.
  3. Feel the bag. We’re not kidding. Get a sample of the bag you want and feel it. Make sure the bag communicates what you want to say with your brand.
  4. Create and submit artwork properly. Here’s a guideline for vector art. Make sure your art will look fantastic and revise it if needed. A good company will tell you if your art looks good and guide you if it doesn’t.  Screen printing is a craft and can yield amazing results when done right.
  5. Pick your print colors.  Use the Pantone (PMS- coated) book to choose your colors.
  6. Choose eco-friendly ink. There’s no reason in 2014 to work with inks that are toxic.  Keep our waterways clean and create great art for your bags.
  7. Let the custom printed tote bag you choose, speak for you. By choosing a bag brand that has style and values that are important to you (responsible & sustainable  production) you will add value to your brand.

Find out how a quality custom printed bag can carry your message for 1000’s of impressions.