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We know that this is not what you intended when you decided to spend hard earned cash on a custom printed bag give-away…

bag-in-trash ecobags

This is a photo taken at an event. This bag ended up in the trash less than a minute after it was given to a potential customer. We know. We were there.

Whether it’s for business (promotional give away for a trade show or convention) or something for wedding guests, you’ll want this gift to last and be seen hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Here’s What’s Important:

(We’re all about custom printed bags, and this applies to any type of give-away)




1. It’s about them, not you. What will your customers enjoy using over and over and over and over?  Think useful daily and so attractive that the item will be their first choice. While working your branding into the product is important, a custom printed tote bag is only valuable to you if your customers are in love with the art or the message on the bag.



2. Create the connection. Do your customers, fans or friends love the outdoors? Do they love food? Are they political and love to carry messages? Find the connection between you and them and create a graphic or message that articulates that.

We started creating custom print tote bags for WNYC Radio a decade ago. Thousands of WNYC bags are toted around the city daily. We know, because we see them all the time and our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest friends send us photos!


Posh Goes a Bit Eco




3. Give quality. “Ten minute toys” are so last century. The focus is back on things that last. Durability is in. So, think about long term visibility and interactions. The more times your customers see & use what you give them, the more you’re building a bridge with them.



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