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I was a featured speaker at the SVI, Social Venture Institute Conference at the Omega Institute last weekend (May 15,16). I was thrilled to be there and a little nervous as I entered the room. I can’t explain but it’s that feeling that happens before something new happens.

The minute I saw Shawn Berry, another BCorp certified business, I knew I was in the right place. The Company We Keep, is about celebrating people and businesses who do really good work. These are the people you want on your team to get started or to grow.  It’s a platform for connecting people.

Seeing Shawn at the conference, reminded me that, in business as in life, it is all about The Company We Keep.

I am pleased to introduce Shawn Berry of Lift Economy, a dynamic advisory business focused on working with social enterprises.

A few words from Shawn:

“I am a serial social entrepreneur with 2 decades of experience founding, stabilizing and growing organizations. In the past 5 years since launching LIFT Economy we have worked with 80+ social enterprises. After 18 years of doing this work in SF, I have recently moved to the NYC area to help expand this movement on the east coast.

I asked – What are you looking for?

I am looking to connect with other mission aligned companies who may benefit from our help with Vision, Culture, Strategy and Operational Systems. We work with clients who can benefit from an outside perspective. Our expertise comes from our own experience,  seeing common patterns of success and challenges across all industries.

Interested in connecting with Shawn?
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