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Seth Godin ImageI’m an alumni of a Seth Godin group, brought together about four years ago. It’s a group of women entrepreneurs who still talk to each other and support each other on a pretty regular basis.  Thanks, Seth!

About a week ago, we all got an email from Seth asking for alumni updates. He sent it out to the alumni of all his various groups. In less than one week, and in pure Seth form, he seamlessly released the results. You can find the results here.

Seth likes to talks about making a ruckas; giving yourself permission to make the ruckas and based on the results, his alumni are making a lot of ruckas!  And, I bet everyone, including me, was happy to be asked about the ruckas we’re making. It’s a fun word that means “making a disturbance or commotion.” With Seth and his groups,  I’ll add that we’re doing it ” with joy.”

-Sharon | Founder and CEO