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Cotton Fields

For many people it’s hard to understand why things like Organic Cotton are so important, or to justify the slightly larger price tag. So here is a brief explanation on why ECOBAGS® has been offering Organic products since 2000, and why moving towards using more organic cotton is so important to us here at ECOBAGS®.

Cotton is one of the most widely grown crops in the whole world, accounting for 40% of the total world fiber production. The farming of conventional cotton is one of the most chemically intensive crops in the world; impacting our air, water, soil, and health. It not only destroys land, but many farmers even die from exposure to the chemicals.

The production of organic cotton maintains and replenishes soil fertility, reduces the toxins in our environment, and leads to a safer and healthier life for the farmers. Organic cotton is certified by a third party to verify that organic producers use only methods and materials allowed in organic production.

It’s not only about our planet, but also the fellow people on our planet. Let’s keep making strides to living more sustainable, thoughtful, and healthy lives.

Sources: Organic Trade Association, NPR

Written by: Mollie Mac