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Mollie Mac in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I’m just now negotiating my way back into society after living as a nomad after 2.5 years. Living a green lifestyle has always been important to me – and something that was surprisingly easy while traveling.

I always had my klean kanteen in my pack, along with a water purifier, and only had to buy water in plastic bottles when I was in a country whose water was contaminated by lead. I kept a small reusable tote bag in my fanny pack for impromptu market shopping (I forgot my ECOBAGS® string bag in Italy), I always took public transport or hitched a ride. I generated little garbage, took short usually cold showers, I even carried around multiple bars of Dr. Bronners certified organic soap in my small 30L backpack, Dr. Bronners is packaged in paper, not plastic.

I did all this without thinking about it.

Reintegrating into the first world and staying green is surprisingly hard. It’s so easy to buy a coffee with a plastic lid mid-day, or use plastic saran wrap to help pack my lunch. Living green is a much more intentional lifestyle with first world conveniences all around me.

So, I’ve been doing more research into a zero waste lifestyle, and wanted to share some green living hacks that have really resonated with me; (almost all found after spending way too much time on pinterest…):

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Written by: Mollie Mac

Written by: Mollie Mac