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solar panel field

Burning carbon to create electricity is unclean and unsustainable, this is not new or ground breaking information, but the good news (and perhaps new news) is that is has never been easier to go green or to use and purchase solar panels to power your home.

Here are some quick, and unhappy, facts about carbon emissions:

  • Coal extraction and burning are responsible for 381,740,601 lbs. of toxic carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, mercury, radioactive materials, and particulate matter annually.
  • It is an enormous contributor to global climate change.
  • It causes respiratory illness.
  • Coal combustion waste is the second largest contributor to landfills after solid waste.

And here are some happy facts about solar panels:

  • In many U.S. states solar panels can bring in savings well over $100/month.
  • Solar purchase power agreements (PPAs) and solar leasing have made it possible for homeowners to go solar for very little, or even no money down.
  • Solar panels increase your home value, due to the lowered electricity costs associated with solar panels.
  • The cap on the federal solar tax credit has been lifted, so you can expect to be reimbursed 30% of the total system costs by the federal government, combine that with state and local incentives and the total costs are cut in as much as half!
  • Solar panels come with a 20-25 year warranty that guarantees 80% performance during this period.

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Written by: Mollie Mac