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In this ever expanding and digital world, it’s not often that one finds themselves a part of a “community.” My parents and grandparents grew up when towns were so small everyone knew each others names, families, minute details of each others lives. They went to church, and afterward broke bread with the congregation, they were part of something larger.

And then came the internet, globalization, massive franchises, and super stores where anything you can imagine can all be bought in one place – and that’s the world I grew up in. I didn’t have a local grocer, I rarely ran into anyone my family knew when running errands in town, and I don’t have religion which comes with a community for breaking bread and leaning on one another for support.

Where is my community? Where is the community of my generation, the generation that is now beginning to inherit, mold, and inform this world.

We’re now making an effort to regain our community – we rebel against big box stores, we like to take our coffees at hip, small cafes, and we like to shop local – or at least some of us do, those that I consider to be part of my “community.”

The community of the zero waste, environmentally conscious lovers isn’t small – though, it certainly is still a niche subset of the world – but it is something that I definitely feel a part of, and love to belong to. It lives in the digital and the physical world – I have a local grocer, but my support system lives mostly in the digital world. It’s not just about having similar views and interests in the world, but it’s also about helping one another grow, finding new and more sustainable ways to live, or renegotiating ourselves into the world which our grandparents thrived.  And I feel this same love for other companies whose main focus isn’t just money, it’s bettering this world, it’s doing something good for our planet. The companies that think generations ahead, not fiscal quarters.

So in the interest of loving my community, and helping it grow and expand, I want to shout out Amie Valpone, who has just released her new cookbook, “Eating Clean,” which takes it’s lead from her successful blog. The focus of this book isn’t just delicious recipes (though, they are definitely a main component!), it’s also about living clean and detoxing from the ever pervasive processed and chemical foods that we eat.

ECOBAGS® is even mentioned in Eating Clean as one of Amy Valpone’s favorite products, and we must say, she’s one of our favorite people.

ECOBAGS® is giving away one copy of Amie Valpone’s “Eating Clean” along with two of our string bags (one lime green, the other all natural undyed 100% certified organic cotton). To participate head on over to ECOBAGS_US Instagram page, like our photo and follow us.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Written by: Mollie Mac