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I bought a fully electric car.

I was excited, it was beautiful, and I felt idealistic about it. I was going to help save the planet!

Then a few days went by and I realized what a terrible mistake I had made; Leafy, (the name of my Nissan Leaf, because I’m obviously very creative), can only go about 90 miles before a recharge, and that is in perfect conditions. Meaning: warm weather, no highway driving, not too much traffic, and no hills. I live in the Hudson Valley, hills are omnipresent.

Sometimes I get maybe 40 miles before needing a recharge.

But, I don’t admit to mistakes, and neither does my boyfriend and co-owner of our glorious Leafy.

So, instead of admitting my mistake, I embraced a more conscious approach to both life and driving. When you only have 90 miles to go before you know your car will die, you begin to question where you’re going; why you’re going; and how to get there.

I don’t take needless trips to the mall or store – I consume less.

I’m more more likely to walk or take my bike to shops and restaurants in or around town.

My boyfriend and I always drive together now, even if that means leaving our other car or leafy somewhere overnight and picking it up on our way home the next day.

I drive slower, I take the back roads, I enjoy my drive: it’s no longer a means to my destination, but it’s an event in and of itself. I catch myself singing along to the tunes my mother sang as she baked pies in my childhood home, while I enjoy cruising down the steep slopes and curves of the road, I take glimpses at the beautiful Hudson River that has captivated me my whole life, but at some point I had started to take for granted, that river is mystical to me once again. I notice the blooming trees as the weather warms, and I even notice them drooping as the cold days come back and decide to linger.

Instead of my limited driving range being a hamper on my life – I’ve taken the challenge and let my life be enriched by it instead.

Plus, it’s zero emission. 😉

Written by: Mollie Mac