What you put on your body, is just as important as what you put in it. Our skin is an organ, and what goes on our skin actually gets absorbed into our internal systems, an average of 130 chemicals per day are absorbed into our body from our skin – so, if you’re keen enough to buy organic or pesticide free food, you should probably be shopping the same way for your beauty products.

Understandably, people are hesitant to buy all natural or organic beauty products because it’s expensive. Beauty products are notorious for breaking the bank to begin with, but once you start shopping for organic and naturally packaged products, you really see an uptick in your expenditure.

There is an alternative – make it yourself! Making some of these products yourself is surprisingly easy, and there are recipes and step by steps ALL over pinterest, it’s like, half my feed at this point.

All recipes are from posts I saw on pinterest, and the original recipes are linked.

So, let’s get you started:



Photo Credit: For the Love of Food Blog

I prefer to store mine in a mason jar – I have plenty in my kitchen from all the jam I eat, and it’s so important to reuse.

1/4 cup coconut oil

2 tbs. cornstarch

1 tbs. baking soda

20-25 drops of essential oil (dealers choice).

Melt your coconut oil (if necessary) and mix with the corn starch and baking soda, add the essential oil, mix, transfer to a glass container. Use it! Should last 2 -3 months, depending on usage.

That’s it; seriously, it’s that easy.

Face Cream

blog face cream

Photo Credit: WholesomeMommy.com

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup shea butter

1/4 cup almond oil

5-6 drop essential oil (again, dealers choice)

Using a double boiler – or a bowl over a boiling pot of water – melt your shea butter and coconut oil.  Stir in the almond oil.  Then, set the bowl into the fridge or freezer to cool. It will need to stay in the fridge for about an hour at least. It will start to solidify on the top but not all the way through.

Pour the semi – solid oil into the bowl of an electric stand mixer {or use an electric hand mixer}.  Now is the time to add your essential oils {see below for help choosing one}.  Turn the mixer on high and mix until it looks whipped, like whipped cream. It took several minutes and I literally saw it change before my eyes! It was really kind of amazing!

Store in your choice of jar, again I use a mason jar. This makes enough to fill 2 and 1/2 – half pint mason jars.


blog toothpaste

Photo Credit: Trash if For Tossers

3 tablespoons coconut oil

1 1/2 tablespoons baking soda

25-30 drops Organic food grade peppermint essential oil

Mix all three ingredients in a glass dish (I use a mason jar). To use, scoop out a little bit with a spoon and put it onto your toothbrush. Add more or less peppermint or coconut oil depending on your textural preference.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

blog green tea

Photo Credit: Inspire Beauty Tips


1 ½ cup of sugar (my favorite is brown sugar)

2 teaspoons of green tea powder

2 green tea bags

1 cup of coconut oil (can substitute with olive oil or grapeseed oil)

Okay, so the first thing you need to do is make a strong cup of green tea. Set it aside to let it cool. I use distilled water; however, you can use tap water, but your mix will keep longer if you use distilled. Using natural sugar will make a coarse texture. If you prefer, you can sub it out for granulated sugar. Put your ingredients in a large bowl and mix together.

Pour in tea a little at a time. Using the dry tea only increases the scrub’s effectiveness. Plus it smells fresher and adds texture. The scrub mixture is ready when it looks like grits or wet sand from the beach. To preserve the green tea scrub, don’t use the brewed tea, rather just use the dry tea from the bag.


blog mascara

Photo Credit: The Rogue Ginger

1/2 teaspoon finely grated soap

1/2 teaspoon activated charcoal

3 drops almond oil (can substitute for coconut or any oil you like)

1/8 teaspoon purified water

Method: Place your finely grated soap into a heatproof dish and warm on the stove (or microwave). I put my heatproof dish into a pot on the stove. As the soap warms up add the water then add the activated charcoal and oil. Mix together with a wooden skewer and pour into your designated container. Let set. Wash your heatproof dish and skewer for next time.

To use: Wet your mascara wand with a drop of water from the tap or use purified water. Rub across your mascara and apply to your lashes as you would normal mascara. The mascara dries quickly and there is no flaking. For more volume I let one layer dry then add another layer of mascara. No longer miss store bought mascara. Hoorah! To remove use a wet wash cloth.

WARNING: This recipe may cause your eyes to sting if you cry!

*As with any new beauty product, try these on a small area of your skin at first to test sensitivity to the ingredients.*

Written by: Mollie Mac