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I’ve seen boxed water popping up for a bit now, and usually I just scoff at it, and continue to drink out of my reusable water bottle, like any good green living advocate. Honestly, I didn’t even bother to do any research, because the simple truth is: reusable will always be better, and I’m not the type of person who buys bottled water anyway.

Then, a little while ago, someone asked the ecobags_us instagram account what we thought of boxed water, is it better than bottled water?

I realized then, I should do my research, because though my initial thought was: boxed water is better, but reusable bottles are best – it’s always good to be informed on these issues, and try to keep my bias at bay.

So after an afternoon of research -though to be honest, it would be nice if there were more research available – here is a quick recap on what I’ve learned:

Boxed water is better than plastic water; but, reusable water will always best.

Here are the why’s:

  • If the carton’s are shipped to the filling location flat – allowing 35,000 cartons to be shipped by one truck. That’s 26 trucks worth when they are filled! Also, because boxed water is… well boxed, it stacks more easily than their rounded plastic bottle counterparts.
  • Around 75% of a boxed water carton is made of paper – so it won’t be on the planet forever, like plastic will.
  • Even if you choose not to recycle the box – boxed water can be flattened, and therefore takes up less space in a landfill than a plastic bottle.
  • Though, there is no life cycle analysis so far we can make a good assumption that in the manufacture of these boxed waters about 8 grams of green house gases are emitted (per liter container), where a liter PET (plastic) water bottle is responsible for around 50 grams of greenhouse gas emissions.

So, if you’re out and about without your reusable bottle and have to buy some water, go with the boxed option.

But try to always remember to #bringyourown 🙂

Written by: Mollie Mac, ECOBAGS® very own marketing maven. Mollie is an adventurer and a green living advocate. If you have any tips or tricks for her she’d love to hear from you, email her at: