20160901 farmed grains blog

Eating locally doesn’t have to end with your meat or produce, you can get locally sourced grains & flour as well!

I recently learned about Wild Hive Farm, a “community grain project that is  dedicated to creating high quality grain products from the region where they are grown… with a view to creating a sustainable regional grain based good system.”

I fell in love with the idea, and it seems like at just the right time, as they will soon be opening  a web store, and to my fellow locavores – they are based in the Hudson Valley (Dutchess County). You can also get their grains at the 4th Street Co-op & Greenmarket at Union Square in NYC, at Quattro’s Poultry Farm & Market in Pleasant Valley, & Beacon Natural Market… in Beacon.

Why are locally sourced grains (or any food for that matter) so important?:

  1. Cutting down on natural resources used to transport food. (on average food travels 1,500 miles from farm to consumer in the US – this cuts down to just 44.6 miles for most locally sourced foods.)
  2. Foods lose some nutritional value in transport, the less time the food takes from farm to your mouth the more nutrients you are getting from it (this applies to grains as well!).
  3. Because they don’t have to travel so far, locally grown crops are picked at their peak.
  4. You’re supporting your local families & communities.

Written by: Mollie Mac, ECOBAGS® very own marketing maven. Mollie is an adventurer and a green living advocate. If you have any tips or tricks for her she’d love to hear from you, email her at: mollie(at)ecobags(dot)com:)