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A few weeks ago we hosted a giveaway of a limited edition tote we made with Sarah Lazarovic’s “buyerarchy of needs” printed on it.

Some people were confused as to why we would produce and sell a tote that encourages people not to buy something.

The thing is, we are a project driven company – we want to be part of a change in this world. We don’t want to be a vehicle for consumption, the world doesn’t need any more of that. We truly believe that if you don’t need a tote or reusable bag because you already have enough – you shouldn’t buy one. But we want to be here for the people that do – the people that are just now making a change from disposable, single-use plastic, to reusable, biodegradable, cotton. Or for the people who have used our bag for ten years, and are now ready for a new one.

We chose Sarah Lazarovic and her art because our values are aligned – she even wrote a book depicting all the pretty things that she wanted but did not buy, because she didn’t need to consume.

Hopefully, more people will be inspired to consume less, and live more.

Written by: Mollie Mac, ECOBAGS® very own marketing maven. Mollie is an adventurer and a green living advocate. If you have any tips or tricks for her she’d love to hear from you, email her at: mollie(at)ecobags(dot)com:)