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As I sit down to write this we are experiencing a winter day in the middle of fall here in lower New York. Last week the weather reached a high of 84 degrees, and now it’s sleeting. So, I’ve gone from craving iced coffee to hot chocolate in a span of a few days.

If your keen on warm beverages, as I am, here’s a list of a few brands that will certainly satisfy your cravings without leaving you feeling guilty… at least about your impact on the environment 😉


The options for fair-trade and responsibly grown coffee are plentiful! To make it a bit easier to choose here are a few B Corporations  that offer delicious coffee beans that are  eco-friendly and also work to support local communities.

Grounds for change: B Score – 128

Ethical Bean Coffee: B Score – 116

Larry’s Coffee: B Score – 120


I love waking up in the morning to a warm mug of tea, and I also love that same warm mug to settle me into the night. If I’m completely honest, I also usually have tea in a thermos with me throughout my day at work. So, here’s a list of some of my favorite tea companies, that are also B Corporations – so you know they are doing good for our planet!

Yogi Tea: B Score – 126

The Tea Spot: B Score – 117

Numi Organic Tea: B Score – 118


So, instead of going the traditional route of recommending cocoa for your hot chocolate, I’m going to recommend companies that responsibly produce chocolate, so you can pretend you’re on the streets of Paris or Florence with your decadent cup of drinking chocolate. Warning: this is highly addictive & delicious! 😉

Sweetriot: B Score – 105

Tony’s Chocolonely: B Score – 113

Rescue Chocolate: B Score – 112

What’s your favorite ethical warm beverage?

Written by: Mollie Mac, ECOBAGS® very own marketing maven. Mollie is an adventurer and a green living advocate. If you have any tips or tricks for her she’d love to hear from you, email her at: mollie(at)ecobags(dot)com:)