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The Wall Street Journal has caught on!

We’ve been in the tote business a long time, and know custom printed tote bags are an excellent branding opportunity. We like to call it “portable marketing.”  But, you don’t have to take it from us, take it from the Wall Street Journal which recently featured an article on branded tote bags and their marketing reach. Here are some great talking points from the article that we want to share with you:

There are many amazing things about branded totes, such as:

  • Their ability to get your brand and message out with a relatively low cost. A branded tote bag can run you anywhere from $2-$9 bag (depending on quality and material). According to Jonathan Hochman (an internet marketing consultant) in the WSJ article “for $5,000 worth of bags, you could probably buy 3 to 5 million online impressions.” Keep in mind: the better quality  tote you choose, the longer it will be around, and the more impressions you’ll get.
  • It keeps your brand in the minds of your customers. According to the same article the brand 6 Shore Road chooses to give out durable totes so when swim season finally hits after a long winter, their customers remember to check out their newest products.
  • It’s an excellent form of word of mouth advertising, according to H&M’s communications manager, Marybeth Schmitt: “We know that word of mouth is the strongest kind of advertising… and, this is like a form of word of mouth.” Need more proof? According to Nielsen 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. And in today’s ever increasing digital world a simple instagram post, snapchat story, or facebook update with an image of  a bag with your company’s logo can reach not just the 2 or 3 friends that your customer may have raved about you to in the past, but 100’s that they are connected with on social media as well.

When you co-brand, it’s important to be in value alignment with the tote brand you are using.  If being environmentally and socially responsible is important (and we hope it is), you’ll want to choose a tote that is produced responsibly…otherwise your customers will lose faith in you. Our totes are not only high quality, durable, and 100% cotton but we are also a certified B Corp with certified fair wage and fair labor, sustainably sourced. SA 8000. Interested in co-branding with us? Click here, call us at 1.800.720.2247, or email us !

Written by: Mollie Mac, ECOBAGS® very own marketing maven. Mollie is an adventurer and a green living advocate. If you have any tips or tricks for her she’d love to hear from you, email her at: mollie(at)ecobags(dot)com:)